Wednesday, September 2, 2009

v1.0.4 released to Android Market!

This new version adds trackball support besides touch and dpad. Of course, you can combine the control methods any way you like. Here is an overview of all control methods:
  • Touch: Just tap the screen where you want the miner to go. Tap the miner to make him stop.
  • Trackball: Well, roll the trackball to move the miner.
  • Dpad/Keys: If you have a device with a dpad, you can use it. To set off sticks of dynamite, you can use the keys 1,2,3 or z,x,c To move around use the dpad or keys i,j,k,m.
 Also, since many people found the "Easy start" first puzzle to actually be quite challenging, this version includes two new easy puzzles to get a better feeling for the game mechanics.

- Abandoned Mine Team

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